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Jimmy Haggard
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Videos with Oregon band mates

(We don't have any videos or pics with the current bass player in Oregon yet, T Rex, but will have some soon!)

Jimmy Haggard Band - Summer 2017Jimmy Haggard Band - Summer 2017Jimmy Haggard

Video wth band mates in North Carolina

The original core of the Jimmy Haggard band, from 2009 - 2015 included: Jimmy Haggard (guitar/vocals), Rodney Winley (bass), Syneca Foster (drums).

That band did great on the ReverbNation Blues Charts, hitting #4 in the USA and #6 in the world in April 2014.

Depending on the show, additional guest members of the Jimmy Haggard Band included: Sheldon Pugh (bass/keys), Shawn Carroll (keys), Garrison Hunter (keys), Lisa Lofchie (harmonica), George Gray (harmonica) and Gary Messenger (harmonica).

Here are pictures of the musicians who were part of the original Jimmy Haggard Band (circa 2009-2015).

Jimmy Haggard, Rodney Winley, Syneca Foster, Sheldon Pugh

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