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In April 2014 the Jimmy Haggard Band hit #4 in the USA and #6 in the World.

Angela Lee
- Executive Director, Hayti Heritage Center

"Jimmy’s diverse portfolio is certainly impressive. In addition to performing regularly in North Carolina at venues such as our Hayti Heritage Center Performance Hall, Jimmy and his band have entertained patrons with their unique brand of blues infused with rock, funk, reggae, R&B, jazz, and swing. Jimmy is an internationally acclaimed guitarist, singer and songwriter and is a jewel."

Angel Dozier - Head of Talent Booking, Beyu Caffe

Before I acquired the role as Head of Talent Booking at Beyu Caffe, I was a regular patron, too. After attending my first Jimmy Haggard concert, I went to his website to learn more about him – I was that blown away by his electrifying stage presence. There was a quote on the site that resonated with me – “When asked what type of music he plays, Jimmy's answer is always the same, ‘It's all Blues to me’." I became a life-long fan as a result."

News and Observer - 2013 Fall Arts Preview: Best bets

Bill Bell, Mayor of Durham, North Carolina, “The annual festival is an event that displays Durham’s character, diversity and heritage. It has great traditional blues artists, such as Big Daddy Wilson and Jimmy Haggard this year, along with great food and crafts."

- Roy C. Dicks — Correspondent, News and Observer (Aug 24, 2013)

TV Interview - ABC 11 "Heart of Carolina Perspectives"

The interview was done to promote the 26 Annual Bull Durham Blues Festival to be held on Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review by:  Louis J. Casson aka "Lowdown Louis"

Northhampton, United Kingdom
Blues lyrics and Poet  -

Review date: April 27, 2012

JH's studio CDs are good, but live what's he like? From this CD I'd say even better, in that if you go to a Jimmy Haggard gig, there'll be a solid good time guaranteed. This raw but ready CD is the proof.

Red House --

Captures the raw live sound in all its earthy honesty - this is not some sterile HiFi cut - but remains true to the venue ambient sound, with the minimum of studio post-recording processing. You can also hear the audience digging the music and Jimmy interacting with them!

Rock Me Baby/ Little Red Rooster --

Not so much a medley of two tunes, as a shuffle where the lyrics to both tunes are mixed seamlessly into one. Good rockabilly feel to the guitar. Comes complete with blues howl.

Warm Me Up --

An original tune from JH - Blues with a funk soul flavor; the band keeping firmly in the pocket and groove throughout. Fluid bass with some wicked hi-hat work going on.

This is a partnership that is working and loving their work!

Review by:  Louis J. Casson aka "Lowdown Louis"

Northhampton, United Kingdom
Blues lyrics and Poet  -
Review date: August 24, 2010

I took the time to do a quick review of Jimmy's MP3 tracks. There's never less than a high standard of workmanship, most of it the usual straight ahead blues - and nothing wrong there folks!  For me the tracks to note and watch are where Jimmy's influences, roots and playing click into a blend that takes the Blues beyond the norms & conventions.

Mojo Hand.

I can only describe this as relaxed with a Bayou "Swamp" vibe.

We kick off this one with a killer riff at 0:06 - I wanted to hear it again but it didn't come up! (You really are a "Bad Boy" Jimmy) Also some really nice wah echo guitar work at 1:20, 1:50 to note. Maybe the live version should set this right - not enough of the guitar stuff!

Jimmy's vocals at 0:10 reminded me of Lucinda Williams a little in the delivery.

Blue Sky.

Fairly straight ahead lyrics but these act as a nice foil to some sparky lead playing; if you like some crunchy cookies with your cream here it is!

I don't know who the bass player is, from a pic on Jimmy's website I assume he's also doubling on bass for this track. Overall there's a nice old Gibson EBO sound here - think Jack Bruce of Cream tone. Some good bass riffs avoiding cliches too. Builds nicely to the end.

It's Not Personal.

Picture a good slice of Dr. John on vocals, Phil Manzanera on guitar, more than a touch of funky reggae rhythm influence and we get.. this track.

Overall Jimmy's work shines best when he's minded to surprise you by taking the blues a little further. Not just "two toes in the mud", but wading out into the river.

Fan Quotes

"[Two Steppin]... Yeah, that's real good, I like it. And.. since I'm a slow blues addict : Blues Sky is a 10 pointer for me :) "  Breda, Netherlands

"Dude! Sounds good. I like that gravel voice with those slick licks. Nothing but the blues, bro."  Atlanta, GA USA

"Very nice - really enjoyed the restrained, yet tasty guitar part."  Washington, DC USA

"Congratulations! I like their blues song [Two Steppin]. I like 'Blue Sky' even more."  São Paulo, Brazil

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